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Optimization Pyramid for Centralised Lubrication

Systems are widely used in industrial and mobile applications to lubricate multiple points.  Systems range from simple single-point lubricators to complex dual-line systems using control timers, change-over valves and monitoring alarms / switches to deliver lubricant reliably to 100's of points.

The basic design parameters of any centralised lubrication system include:-

  1. the volume & frequency of lubricant at each point
  2. the number of point requiring lubricant
  3. operating conditions
  4. pump / system pressure
  5. supply line diameter & distance from lubrication pump to the points

When used and maintained correctly, lubrication systems can help enhance technician productivity and simplify equipment maintenance processes.

Lubrication systems are designed principally to make the work environment safer for maintenace personnel by simplifying the process of accessing remote lubrication points, especially in confimed spaces, when equipment is in operation.  However, the primary benefit is derived from the continuous application of small amounts of lubricant resulting in improved equipment life, due to the uniform supply of lubricant.