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Precision Oil Spray Systems

Our precision oil spray systems cover the entire oil lubrication range - from slow- to fast-moving chains.  It is, however, especially ideal for the lubrication of fast-moving chains or for critical applications such as found in the food and beverageindustry or for integrate assembly procedures.

Our precision oil spray system operates exceptionally effectively and economically because it uses air-operated injectors capable of supplying minute quantities of oil - 0.015 or 0.030 ml of oil per injector cycle.  The system combines oil and "spray air" in a mixing chamber.  The low pressure "spray air" acts merely to carry oil to the point of lubrication - NO OIL MIST.

Each spray nozzle is supplied with oil by an injector that operates intermittently, and which is cycled by a controller.  The cycle time is dependent on the lubricant requirement of the chain.  The system operates on a minimum cycle time starting at 0.5 seconds.  In the operating cycle, oil and compressed air first mix within the body of the spray nozzle.  The oil and "spray air" are combined in the mixing chamber.  The "spray air" transports the lubricant film to the nozzle opening (dia. 1.2 mm).  Depending on the quantity and viscosity of the oil, a minimum air pressure of 0.4 bar (6 psi) is sufficient to produce a fine spray.

When oil is injected at longer intervals, a thinner film of oil is applied to the wall of the mixing chamber inside the nozzle.  The result is a finer spray stream.  if oil is injected at shorter intervals, a thicker film of oil is applied to the wall of the mixing chamber inside the nozzle.  The result is an increased saturated oil spray stream.


Our precision oil spray system lubricates more effectively that other spray systems.  Our system is always at the optimum lubricating range; eliminating the "too much / too little" factor.


Eliminates Contamination

Our non-contact precision oil spray nozzles lubricate exactly where required with an accurate amount of lubricat to reduce product contamination.  Unlike traditional oil mist systems, our spray technology eliminates environmental containimation typically caused by "stray mist."


Continuous, Consistent Spray

Our precision oil spray systems are capable of dispensing just 0.015 ml of lubricant continuously for a period exceeding four minutes.  No change in spray pattern occurs, even after another drop of lubricant is injected into the nozzle.


Dramatically Increases Life Expectancy

Percentage elongation is maintained at a consistent low level, even after 3,000 hours use.  The result is 5 - 10 times longer life expectancy of the lubricated devices.


Up to 90% Lubricant Reduction

If you were to calculate the actual amount of lubricant that is needed for a particular application, the majority of automated and manual lubrication systems over-lubricate.  Because our systems lubricate continuously with an ultra-fine, non-misting spray, only the exact amount of oil required to lubricate is used.