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Grease Spray Systems

Our HSA Series wides-angle nozzles are designed to spray adhesive lubricants on pinions, open gears, etc.  The spray nozzles are available in several versions that cover a wide range of applications and functional features.

For example, our SDL-KR nozzle (right) monitors both the flow of spray air AND lubricant within the nozzle - an air solenoid valve to control the flow of spray air is not required.  Wheras the economical TD2 nozzle can be monitored externally by means of a progressive metering device, with the flow of spray air controlled using an air solenoid valve. 

Complete mounting plates are available for easy alignment of all spray nozzle types.

Applications: pinion lubrication, open gears, etc.

Industries: cement, pulp and paper mills, etc.


  • Controlled spray nozzles provide 100% monitoring of both the flow of spray air AND lubricant supply
  • Repeatability of spray pattern
  • Complete air control possibility to reduce consumption