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Single-line Lubrication Systems

Single-line injector systems are designed to suit a customer's application.  Systems can lubricate one machine, different zones on one machine or several seperate machines.


Regardless of the application, the principle of centralised lubrication remains the same: a single-stroke or reciprocating central lubrication pump delivers lubricant through a single supply line to a series of injectors.  Each injector serves only one lubrication point, and can be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of lubricant required.

Advantages of a Single-line Lubrication System


Systems are easy to understand, install and maintain.  Customers realise savings right from the outset because one supply line means lower installation costs.

Powerful Pumping

Our systems can dispense either oil or grease in measured quantities, unaffected by normal temperature or viscosity changes.  For larger systems, our single-line  design and choice of powerful pumps mean injectors can be located long distances from the central lubrication pump.

External Adjustment

Lubricant injectors are externally adjustable without the need for special tools, so each bearing can receive the correct amount of lubricant.  No under- or over-lubrication at individual points.

Visual Indicators

Each injector incorporates an indicator pin that give visual confirmation that the injector is operating correctly.  When necessary, troubleshooting is the simple process of checking indicator pins.

Ease of Service

When injectors finally require service, the job is quick and easy.  No need to remove supply line connections or disturb adjacent injectors.  Replacement can usually be done between lubrication cycles, so there's almost no lubricant loss or downtime. 

Genuine Parts and Service

We offer design engineering, start-up assistance and training in the use and maintenance of single-line systems.  We offer full aftersales support with genuine parts and service for years after the initial sale.