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Dual-line Lubrication Systems

A dual-line system supplies an exact metered quantity of lubricant from a central lubrication pump over long distances.  Dual-line metering devices are operated by two main supply lines - one line pressurised whilst the other line is dissipating system pressure.  Another advantage of a dual-line system is that it may be extended after the innital installation with ease.

Furthermore, a dual-line system can also be combined with progressive metering devices to further increase the number of lubrication points served by a dual-line system. 



  • High pressure capability allows small diameter tubing to be used, thereby reducing installation and material costs.  Additionally, this reduces the amount of grease in the tubing, which over a long period of time may deteriorate.
  • Visual or electrical monitoring of each metering device outlet pair.
  • If a bearing clogs or a metering device fails to function, all other metering devices will continue to operate normally.
  • Simple and individual metering of lubricant.
  • Problem-free adjustment of metered lubricant after installation.
  • Optimum monitoring and control possibility with a field bus system.
  • Easy to extend (or reduce).