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Grease Guns with CLEAR barrel & coloured ends
Single-line Lubrication
Dual-line Lubrication
Multi-line Progressive Lubrication
Grease Spray Systems
Precision Oil Spray Systems
Tubing & Fittings
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Quality Policy

The Director(s) of the Company recognise that for Lubrication Systems Limited to suceed, it is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

It is the policy of Lubrication Systems Limited to provide to its customers with a range of products and services that are accurate, reliable, repeatable, complient with specification and cosistent with their expectations.  These, together with timely-delivery of documentation, products, materials and services are central to our operating policy.

It is the policy of Lubrication Systems Limited to deal with all customer concerns efficiently and effectively, and to resolve these concerns (where possible) to the best of our ability and to the satisfaction of customers.

To meet these commitments, we have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS).  In addition, we are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our QMS and have set relevant quality objectives, against which we monitor our performance.  The QMS is implemented, reviewed, updated and autited through our management structure and quality assurance personnel.  The QMS and associated procedures are advised and made available to all employees.  This policy is thoroughly communicated to all employees and is displayed in selected locations throughout the main office of Lubrication Systems Limited.

Lubrication Systems Limited has a commitment to meet regulatory requirements to ensure that we comply with all internationally-recognised standards the the Company may subscribe to.

Paul M. Connolly

Managing Director