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All-in-one Compact Lubrication Systems

We offer complete lubrication systems that include all necessary monitoring and control functions.  They are supplied assembled with all components (including an internal over-pressure relief valve), requiring minimal on-site assembly.  The integrated, all-in-one system reduces installation time andcost. 

Models are available for industrial use or mobile applications.  Up to 18 lubrication points can be supplied with either multi-purpose grease (NLGI #2)  or fluid grease (NLGI #000 and #00), or oil directly from the pump at an affordable price.


An integrated printed circuit board (PCB) optimally controls the pause and operating times, and monitors the number of cycles (of the attached progressive metering device) to ensure a regular supply of lubricant.  All settings are performed with ease via a keypad.  Settings and messages are shown on a built-in LED display.  Also available is a "key lock" version that locks the programme function, with optional low-level control.


Our all-in-one compact systems are shock- and vibration-proof, and operate reliably even when exposed to severe operating conditions such as temperatures ranging from -25 deg. C to +70 deg. C or high pressure wash-downs.  Also available is a version that operates in various mounting positions.


Our all-in-one compact systems are high pressure lubrication systems, complete with a controller and monitoring, a function LED display and an attached progressive metering device to distribute the lubricant.  All system components and all the functions that are required to lubricate at a professional level are included.

System Features:

  • 1-ltr capacity reservoir (optional: low-level control)
  • Small, compact, ready to intall package
  • Space requirements, 230 x 230 x 215 mm
  • Integrated controller with monitoring (optional: without controller)
  • Integrated LED display with keypad
  • Quick and easy refilling (optional: fast-fill cartridge pump)
  • Built-in over-pressure relief valve (with return-to-reservoir)
  • Available in 12 / 24 volt DC and 110 / 240 volt AC versions
  • Attached progressive metering device (optional: detached metering device)
  • Suitable for multi-purpose grease up to NLGI #2, fluid grease or oils